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If you haven’t already … deadline is tomorrow! Please email your legitimate concerns that deserve to be heard. Email to:

Feel free to click n’ hold to save this photo and then share from your photos with your own comments in other groups/feeds.

Thank you!!

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Steve Mallett
Steve Mallett
13 oct 2023

Right now I feel like I reside in a pretty clean neighborhood. I am retired and go for long walks almost everyday in and around Peace Arch Park. If this biofuel project goes ahead I feel I'll be spending a great amount of time directly down wind of this plant and worry that any toxins emitting from it could impact my health. I also worry about the impact it will have a property values because if I need to sell for health reasons will I be able to recoup my investment. As I walk around this lovely neighborhood I see lots of other retired couples out walking so I know I'm not the only one who could be adversely affect…

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Thank you for sharing Stephen. Your concerns are valid. Glad you are using the website to get talking about this proposed project.

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