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Moderator: Jennifer Maki

Linda Annis,

Councillor for the City of Surrey -


"Listening and questioning with us - in support of community advocating to be heard."



David Hancock,

Hancock Wildlife Foundation -


"Our responsibility to the most important biological region in the entire northeast Pacific, and the wildlife that call this home."



Christy Fox,

Professional Photographer/Community Advocate -


"We must speak up, now -for our health, the home we love, and the creatures who depend on us.


Rashpal Lovelace,

Community Member/Labour Advisor -


"The 'Reasonable Person Test' - a call to governing bodies to make decisions in the interest of the collective.



Bo Long,

Representative of our Chinese Community (with translator) -


"Imploring our First Nation community to consider caution in these developments and decisions."


Mark Harding,

Community Member/Retired VP of Global Affairs Diage -


"Advocating for our community children, land and way of life

- upholding bi-laws that protect us all."



Scott Kristianson,

Former Councillor for White Rock -


"Speak up and be heard; your government is listening. Your voice matters. Our environment matters.



Jim Gouk,

Former Firefighter/4-term Federal MP -


"Consequences of chemical emissions - past and present - and the ultimate impact on our community.



Nav Maharaj,

Investment Advisor -


"Addressing our questions as a community - what's been said versus what we know."

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