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What do we know about the project?

ndion Global Inc. negotiated  a land lease for a biofuel facility project with Semiahmoo First Nation. Andion will operate the facility during the 25 year lease. Upon completion of the lease the plant will become property of SFN. The facility is expected to create 14 jobs.

The proposed Biofuel facility will be jointly owned by Semiahmoo First Nation’s economic arm, SE-MI-AH-MU LP, and Taurus RNG (formerly Andion North America).
The plant is proposed to be located on the reserve at the corner of Hwy 99 & Vancouver-Blaine Hwy directly across from the Peace Arch Duty Free.

Taurus & Andion Global is financially backed by a hedge fund called Spring Lane Capital out of Boston, MA. Andion Global secured 270 million dollars for the expansion of their waste processing plants.
 Read more about the proposal here. 

The federal government is currently conducting an Environmental Risk Assessment and the proposal is currently being reviewed for a permit by Metro Vancouver to allow 40 tonnes of pollution to be emitted into our environment.

The federal government through Natural Resources Canada originally pledged 14.4 million to support this project and has now withdrawn support & funding. 

Read more about the proposed project : 

Semiahmoo First Nation - Andion Biofuel Facility

Federal Government Announcement 

Andion Global PR Presentation, Sep 2023

Presentation to Clean Air Alliance Committee by Andion Global, October 2023

Tetra Tech Air Quality Dispersion Report

purports to have built Mozatte plant in Italy. Read about air quality complaints.

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Why Oppose Biofuel Proposal

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  • Little Campbell River (LCR) is less than a kilometre downhill from the proposed site. The river is a 30km watershed that’s been revived over the past 50 years and is now a passage for salmon & trout. 

  • The LCR essential to the health of these species and hundreds of other animals including a population of eagles. 

  • The river will distribute pollutants to five vulnerable territories including Semiahmoo Bay and Drayton Harbor.


Health Risks

  • The South Surrey facility will release toxic gases into the atmosphere and the air over 3600 plus homes & two elementary schools. Research suggests toxins may travel up to 10km which would blanket all of South-Surrey & White Rock. Reference: Air Quality Dispersion Report by Tetra Tech for Andion Global.

  • This is a highly populated residential and recreational area. 

    •     3600+ residences Summerfield & South Meridian. 

    •     Douglas Elementary 505 students & South Meridian Elementary 350 students.


  • The facility will pollute 40 tonnes of gas a year including 35 tonnes of Methane gas. Methane is a common greenhouse gas; known to be the leading cause of ozone depletion. 

  • Methane exposure causes cardiovascular, respiratory illnesses, neurological problems, memory loss, depression. Learn more

  • Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, & Ammonia among others make up the remaining 5 tonnes. All cause respiratory illness with long term exposure leading to lung disease among other conditions. Learn more about gas dispersion




  • Biofuel facilities have a high risk of explosion. More than half a dozen explosions have taken place at Bio Fuel operations throughout the world since 2015. Two facilities exploded in Canada. Learn more.  

  • On October 2, 2023, a UK Biofuel facility just like the one proposed exploded after being struck by lightning. Learn more



Traffic & Location 


  • Traffic, congestion, border line ups already past 8th avenue peak weekends. Located right on Hwy 99.

  • First thing visitors will see when crossing border into Canada from US. 

  • Proximity to beach, Little Campbell River, Semiahmoo Bay.


What can you do to oppose the facility?


Write to: and your local MP. Please refer to the full list of contacts hereUse our sample email template

Sign petition


Share website & join Facebook group:

Who are we?


The Clean Air Alliance is a grassroots organization of concerned residents of South Surrey & White Rock opposing the proposal by Andion Global Inc. to build a biofuel plant in a heavily populated residential and recreational area affecting thousands of residents and polluting the diverse ecosystems and wetlands of the surrounding area.


Our Alliance provides a platform for like-minded individuals to share information, discuss concerns and take action together.

Clean Air, We Care

We acknowledge that it is essential for our environment that we shift energy sources.


We are concerned about the proposal by Andion Global Inc. to build a biofuel plant in our community. We base our concern on four primary areas: environment, health, safety and traffic.


Most importantly, you should be committed to taking action and making a difference in the fight against the bio fuel facility.

We are passionate about protecting our environment, our health and our quality of life.
Please feel free to share your knowledge, experiences, and ideas with other members of our Alliance.
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