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Talking Points


  • We support the protection of the unique and fragile ecosystem of the Little Campbell River (LCR) within a kilometer downhill of the proposed site, Semiahmoo Bay and White Rock Beach. Learn more at Little Campbell Watershed Society

Health Risks

  • We deserve to breathe clean air where our children can play outside year-round and for our seniors to retire in a peaceful, safe and clean air setting for the retirement years of their lives.

  • The South Surrey Biofuel facility releases toxic gases into the atmosphere and the air over 3600 homes & two elementary schools.


Reference: Air Quality Dispersion Report by Tetra Tech for Andion Global.​


  • The facility expects to pollute 40 tonnes of gas a year including Methane gas, Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, & Ammonia among other VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). 

Reference: Air Quality Dispersion

  • Methane is a common greenhouse gas; known to be the leading cause of ozone depletion. Methane exposure causes cardiovascular, respiratory illnesses, neurological problems, memory loss, depression. Learn more. 

  • Gases are reported by Tetra Tech to cause respiratory illness with long term exposure leading to lung disease among other conditions including epilepsy, pneumonia, claustrophobia and heart problems. Learn more about gas dispersion




  • We expect to live in a safe community without the risk of explosions, fire and with an action plan for unexpected emergencies.

  • Biofuel facilities have a high risk of explosion. More than half a dozen explosions have taken place at Biofuel operations throughout the world since 2015. Two facilities exploded in Canada. Learn more. ​



Traffic & Location 


  • We deserve to live, sleep and enjoy recreation in an environment free of noise pollution, unnecessary congestion and dangerous traffic.

  • Traffic, congestion, border line ups are already past 8th avenue on peak weekends. The new facility would bring more than 20 trucks daily adding to brake noise and safety concerns on  Hwy 99.

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