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Write emails & letters! Here is a full list of people to contact - we're adding to, as we realize more key players - and please feel free to use the email template if you require support in wording your letters & emails.  



If you are able to contribute not just your voice but your investment in this cause, we would be deeply grateful. Our core team is dedicated to donating their time and energy, but we will need financial support moving forward. 

Here's that link ... Thank You to those who are already have and

Thank You in advance to those who can and will ... 


Or donate via e-transfer to:


Help raise more awareness on your social media pages to bring others to join the cause.


Invite friends to join the Facebook page, share our photo assets & blog posts to educate others. 

Social Media

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We’ve created a monumental stir and attention is turning toward the cause. Now, more than ever, it is essential to keep the awareness high. However, please ensure all communications are respectful of all parties and professional at all times. Our hearts are entrenched in this, but let cooler heads prevail.


Thank you for all you’re doing to build momentum leading to a tsunami of change.


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