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Air Quality Dispersion Report

A report prepared by Tetra Tech for Andion Global in June 2023, contains a detailed list of the communities the biofuel facility is expected to affect which includes more than 80 sensitive groups such as elementary schools (Douglas Elementary with 505 students in the direct vicinity) & high schools, pre-schools, seniors residences and care homes, community centers, medical centers and Peace Arch Hospital. The affect of the gases will be experienced on both sides of the US-Canada border including workers at border services for CBSA & USCBP.

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5.2.2 Nitrogen Dioxide

NO2 is one of a group of highly reactive gases referred to as NOx. Other NOx species includes nitric oxide (NO), nitrous acid (HNO2) and nitric acid (HNO3). NO2 is used as the indicator for NOx and is regulated by ambient air quality criteria due to its acute and chronic respiratory effects.

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5.2.5 Hydrogen Sulphide


Under normal operations, H2S is removed from the biogas stream and emitted from the Biogas Upgrading Facility stack. H2S is also emitted from the biofilter as a constituent of off-gassing of received food wastes. Under upset conditions, H2S is emitted as a constituent of the uncombusted fraction of biogas (~2% due to inherent flaring inefficiency) during emergency flaring operations. Note that a flaring scenario would not occur concurrently with biogas upgrading. As such the modelled predictions are conservative.

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