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Rescaldina, exasperated residents: "Enough smelly smells. We can't live anymore"

In the hamlet of Rescalda we have been living with smells for years now and the situation seems to be getting worse lately. "There are two olfactory problems. One in the area near the Conad and another that comes from the north, Gorla and Mozzate, which affects Rescaldina up to at least Via Battisti and not only to Rescalda - explains a resident -. For years we have been asking for solutions that they can't arrive until the Mozzate company is closed. I passed by there and the smell is the same. It's a smell that, depending on the wind, reaches all the way to the center of Rescaldina. A terrible smell that forces everyone to keep windows closed and to go out with clothespins on the nose".

There have been many complaints on social media for some time now, but there is no solution in sight. "A walk with the dog becomes an ordeal and commuters who take the train to work every morning always have to put up with this rotten smell. Like every winter in the morning it is impossible to open the windows, because you are literally invaded by this smell of gone waste bad" explains another resident of the hamlet.

Councilor Adriana Gulizia's position comes from the municipality: "Problems have been reported to us in the southern area, towards the purifier. We don't know for sure if the problem comes from there, but I have asked the offices to take action to investigate further". Also in the spotlight is the monitoring of the activity of Econord Spa, the anaerobic digestion plant for the organic fraction of waste located in via Per Gorla in Mozzate.

The investigation speaks of "recurrent reports of olfactory disturbance in the area of ​​the production site" and today the conditions exist to continue the verification process. The law provides that the official technical table must be convened, in which Ats, the province and Econord must participate.

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