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Location Matters.

We, as a community, have questions that need answers. As ‘breaking ground’ is imminent, the time is now to get informed, and voice your opinion to decision makers. There are real concerns for the health of our community members, vulnerable populations (children/seniors) and the environment.

With regard to the proposed Andion Biofuel plant and its proximity to Little Campbell River (LCR), Semiahmoo First Nation Chief, Harley Chappell, said it best, when they thwarted a Surrey industrial development back in 2022.

“The Semiahmoo’s territory lies at the mouth of the Little Campbell River, which they call the Tatalu …

“All of our tributaries and our waterways need the added protection, we’ve always been told here that this waterway is one of the last unprotected, natural-state gems in the South Fraser area,” Chappell said. Whether it’s providing salmon, whether it’s flowing into Semiahmoo bay that provides wellbeing to our shellfish, it’s of the utmost importance.”

With the proposed Andion BioFuel plant less than 1 km from the Little Campbell River, why does this location not concern us, and the sensitive ecosystems of LCR, now?

Find Key Info, Studies, Petition and Link to our Facebook Group at

** Most Essentially – Share your questions and concerns with those who can help us pause this hazardous Biofuel project before it’s too late. Email

Reference article for Chappell quote – search “Semiahmoo First Nation hails pause on proposed Surrey industrial area expansion” dated Jan 30, 2022.

Thank you for being a part of the Clean Air Alliance – Concerned Citizens & Friends of SS / WR.

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