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Clean Air Matters

“Our questions and concerns are NOT based on feelings but facts.

This isn

’t a “they” problem, it’s a compelling “we problem”, if you’re within a 10 km range of this facility (at least).

Here’s why:

  • Studies prove there are dire consequences. “After controlling for multiple confounders, we consistently found that respiratory emergency department (ED) visit rates among residents living within 10 km of biorefineries were significantly higher.” If you’re saying, “What???” incredulously, you are not alone. Find the full community study here …

  • The proposed Biofuel plant in SS will release toxic gases into the atmosphere and the air over 3600 homes and two elementary schools. Reference: Air Quality Dispersion Report by Tetra Tech for Andion Global.​

  • The facility expects to pollute 40 tonnes of gas/year including Methane gas, Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, & Ammonia among other VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). Reference: Air Quality Dispersion

  • Methane is known to be the leading cause of ozone depletion and the cause of cardiovascular, respiratory illnesses, neurological problems, memory loss and depression. Details at:

  • Gases are reported by Tetra Tech to cause respiratory illness with long-term exposure leading to lung disease among other conditions including epilepsy, pneumonia, claustrophobia and heart problems. Learn more at:

With these study-driven, well-known, impacts, why would this type of facility be proposed for our residential, ecosystem-sensitive, neighbourhood?

The time to ACT is now. Groundbreaking for the facility is imminent.

Find Key Info, Studies, Petition and Link to our Facebook Group at

* Most Essentially – Share your questions and concerns with those who can help us pause this hazardous Biofuel project before it’s too late. Email

** If you've done that, here's what's next ... reach out to government leaders. Find a full list here:

*** Please note – We appreciate you spreading the word about the issues at hand.

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