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Our Safety Matters

“The risks of this development far outweigh the benefits.

While we fully understand the need to create alternative energy sources, and for Semiahmoo First Nation (SFN) to pursue economically viable opportunities, there must be a way to do all this safely. Biofuel plant explosions are a very real risk. We have more questions than answers.

Why are Biofuel facilities exploding? What’s the impact if an explosion happens in our neighbourhood, by a sensitive ecosystem like our Little Campbell River, by Semiahmoo Bay? Who will respond to the emergency if the explosion occurs on SFN land? What will the fallout and repercussions be for our families, environment, even our border crossing?

With this high risk of accident, combined with the health and environmental concerns, why would this be considered an ideal location for the Andion Biofuel plant?

To review the incidents of explosions that have already occurred, visit

The time to ACT is now. Groundbreaking for the facility is imminent.

Find Key Info, Studies, Petition and Link to our Facebook Group at

* Most Essentially – Share your questions and concerns with those who can help us pause this hazardous Biofuel project before it’s too late. Email

** If you've done that, here's what's next ... reach out to government leaders. Find a full list here:

*** Please note – We appreciate you spreading the word about the issues at hand. Sharing is Encouraged! - Simply click n' hold or right click to Save Photo. Copy & paste copy. Start your own post, add photo/copy and your own comments. Thank you!

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